Quick Win: Send Business Contact Details with Flow Button

This is the first article in a series, in which I will highlight a Power Platform Quick Win Solution; A Solution which – although easy to implement – delivers a huge benefit.

If you are a frequent attendant of conferences / summits / …. and you are a natural “networker”, you are often asked for your Business Contact Details. Traditionally we are expected to hand out Business Cards. As I find Business Cards to be kind of Old School, I thought why not utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Flow to send the information to the intended recipient?

That’s how I came up with the idea to create a Flow Button Send Contact Details. And actually this is quite easy to implement.

Assuming that you already have a basic grasp of Microsoft Flow, go ahead and create a new Instant Flow from scratch by following these steps:

Those with more PowerApps and Flow experience could extent this solution even further by scanning the intended recipient’s e-mail address and other information from their Business Card. This is exactly what Daniel Christian did. See the full video here.

Also check out this blog post which globally follows the same concept as I did.