About Me

Hello everyone. I’m Clifton C. Lenne.

Friends know me as The Power Apps Addict (#ThePAAddict).

That’s me 👇 right here

I know…. In this picture I’m somewhat younger. But hey, I have a young mind! Or that’s what I’d like to think… 😊

I’ve been traveling all over the wonderful world of IT for over 15 years. But I really started to dig into Microsoft Business Applications, and more specifically the Microsoft Power Platform since 2016.

For the first time in my IT career I was able to produce High-Value, Low Costs Enterprise Business Solutions, thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform.

Since then I have constantly tried to step out of my comfort zone by exploring topics which aren’t directly related to the Power Platform. But that’s exactly the Power of the Microsoft Power Platform: the more you get acquainted with the capabilities of complementary concepts/technologies, the more robust your Power Platform Solutions become.

But.. let’s not get into a lecture and let’s keep it ‘light’. After all, this is just a short introduction.

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